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Nicholas Lea Biography


A candid picture of Nick taken by Al Ortega.
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Name: Nicholas Lea
Given names: Nicholas Christopher
Born: 22nd June 1962, New Westminster, British Colombia, Canada
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Height: 6' 1"

The following is a direct quote taken from the Biography sheets given out to attendees at the 1998 Expos.

The X Files Expo Tour 1998


Nicholas Lea
(Agent Alex Krycek)

Playing the dastardly Agent Alex Krycek has never failed to challenge Canadian actor Nicholas Lea. So far, Lea has hung from the top of a 16-story building, leapt from an exploding car and been pummelled repeatedly. He's also had to learn large chunks of Russian dialogue and get the hang of one-armed acting. But it's all in the line of duty for the good-natured thespian, who even manages to see his morally dubious character in a positive light. "There's a certain heroism to Krycek," Lea says. "He's a complete and utter survivor." Lea got the acting bug at 25, after a tour of duty as the lead singer for a band called Beau Monde.

His acting training comes from the Beverly Hills Playhouse, Charles Conrad Studios and the Gastown Actor's Studio. Although perhaps best known in the United States for his work on The X Files, Lea also stars in the Canadian television series Once a Thief. Back in the States, he played recurring character Ricky Caruso on The Commish and has made numerous television guest appearances, including turns on Highlander, Sliders, Jake and the Kid, Lonesome Dove, Robin's Hoods, The Hat Squad, North of 60 and Madison

Lea's film appearances include The Tool Shed, Star 80, From Pig to Oblivion, American Boyfriends, Xtro II: The Second Encounter, The Raffle and Bad Company. Lea, who was born June 22, 1962 in New Westminster, British Columbia, currently resides in Vancouver.


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