FONL - Focussed on Nick Lea

American Boyfriends

Margaret Langrick:Sandy Wilcox
John Wildman:Butch Walker
Jason Blicker:Marty Kaplan
Liisa Repo-Martell:Julie La Belle
Delia Breit:Lizzie
Michelle Bardeaux:Thelma
Troy Mallory:Spider
Scott Anderson:Daryl
Gordon Currie:Glider
Loren Dunsworth:Cynthia Walker, Butch's Bride
Babs Chula:Dolly, Butch's Mother
James Kidnie:Sid, Dolly's Husband
Terry Moore:Al Walker
Jane Mortifee:Kitty Wilcox
Richard Donat:Major Wilcox
Nicholas Lea:Ron
Don MacKay:Julie's Father
Merrilyn Gann:Julie's Mother
Nicola Cavendish:Mrs. Day
Gary Chalk:Canadian Bartender
Written and Directed by:Sandy Wilson


Four Canadian girls take time off from university to go to the wedding of one of their number's relatives across the border in Portland. After the event one stays on with a guy she's met, one returns home to get ready for her own wedding, and the other two head off for San Diego in a newly acquired Cadillac in search of fame, fortune and more adventures.


This was Nick's first speaking part - not that he actually says much. His character, Ron, appears behind the titles at the beginning, where he is sitting with his girlfriend in the cinema, more interested in kissing her than watching the film. Then just before the end Ron marries the girl, and they go off together and are shown in the open top car behind the end titles.

If you are looking for a film with a significant amount of 'Nickage' then this is not the film for you. On the other hand, as it is his first role, no focussed fan will want to have it missing from their collection. The film itself is not of the type that I would normally have chosen to watch, and, having watched it once, the only parts that are likely to get worn out are the beginning and the end.


Ron - Nicholas Lea    Ron - Nicholas Lea