FONL - Focussed on Nick Lea


Kevin Sorbo:Captain Dylan Hunt
Lisa Ryder:Beka Valentine
Laura Bertram:Trance Gemini
Gordon Michael Woolvett:Seamus Harper
Lexa Doig:Andromeda Ascendant
Keith Hamilton Cobb:Tyr Anasazi
Steve Bacic:Telemachus Rhade
Brent Stait:Rev Bem
Brandy Ledford:Doyle
Jim Byrnes:Virgil Vox
Nicholas Lea:Tri-Lorn
Created by: Gene Roddenberry, Robert Hewitt Wolfe
After being frozen in time for 300 years, captain Dylan Hunt and his sentient warship Andromeda sets out to restore peace and civilization to the known universe. With him is the crew of the ship that, with profit in mind and unknowing of her captain still being alive, salvaged Andromeda from the black hole keeping her suspended in time. Andromeda originally hid in the black hole after a big battle. When Captain Hunt wakes up he realizes that this battle was the beginning of an epic war and that the great civilization he was defending, the Commonwealth, has been eradicated from existence. He and his unlikely and sometimes unpredictable crew starts on a mission to once again bring hope to the galaxy.
- Written by Bug (IMDB)
4.03 - Waking the Tyrant's Device Dylan is sent on a mission by a triumvir, but is not well informed of the danger he faces. After a haphazard reentry from slipstream, the Andromeda is captured by a gravity field projected from the moon that is the target of their mission. Dylan discovers that the moon is the base of Kroton, a half-human, half-android genius that created the Magog world-ship. Dylan attempts to take out Kroton along with the new weapon he has developed.

First aired: 13 October 2003
Writer: Larry Barger, Paul Barber, John Whelpley
Director: Andrew Potter
Guest star: Kristin Lehman (Molly Noguchi), Neil Maffin (Kroton)
4.06 - Soon the Nearing Vortex Tyr returns and he's sided with the Collectors against his former crew. He wants the map for the Route of Ages.

First aired: 03 November 2003
Writer: Larry Barger, Paul Barber
Director: Brad Turner
Guest star: Ivar Brogger (Pish Tryan), Sonya Salomaa (Aurelia), Vicky Lambert (Beautiful Dancer), Chris Webb (Courier Pilot), Chris Harrison (Captain Zaynick)
4.09 - Machinery of the Mind Harper is the key note speaker at a conference on dealing with the Magog threat. When a scientist is kidnapped, and others are killed, the crew must figure out who is responsible. Meanwhile Dylan is kidnapped by the Collectors, who make him an offer to join with them

First aired: 12 January 2004
Writer: Ted Mann
Director: David Winning
Guest star: Suzy Joachim (Doctor Professor Kor-Kavo), Rob Lee (Head Bailiff), David Palffy (Academician Ler-Near), Grace Park (Doctor 26Carol), Michael Puttonen (Professor Bu-Habib), Michael Chase (Tri-Lorn Assistant)
4.11 - The Torment, the Release Dylan and the crew are put on trial by the Commonwealth. The Collectors now control the Commonwealth. The crew wants to escape, but Dylan wants to stick out the trial, to determine if he still has ANY allies in the Commonwealth he helped to rebuild.

First aired: 26 January 2004
Writer: Robert Engels
Director: Jorge Montesi
Guest star: Carmen Moore (Tri-Jema), Kim Hawthorne (Tri-Camille), Ivar Brogger (Pish Tryan), Colin Cunningham (Shig), Andrew Jackson (Lipp-Sett)