FONL - Focussed on Nick Lea

Burn Notice
Episode 307: Shot in the Dark

Jeffrey Donovan:Michael Westen
Gabrielle Anwar:Fiona Glenanne
Bruce Campbell:Sam Axe
Sharon Gless:Madeline Westen
Nicholas Lea:Quinn Luna
Jay Harrington:Erik Luna
Josie Davis:April Luna
Otto Sanchez:Diego Garza
Nick Galarza:Joey
Ben Shenkman:Tom Strickler
Darryl Baldwin:Thug
Gina Busch:Club Girl
Cristina Berkeley:Golf Club Secretary
Written by: Matt Nix (creator), Ben Watkins
Directed by:Ernest R. Dickerson
Aired:23 July 2009


Tom Strickler's new offer convinces Michael to pressure informer Diego to find out if Tom has the clout to deliver a burn-reversal. He suspends a vital matter after catching Joey (13) stealing his gun, because the kid feels desperately forced to eliminate his abusive stepfather, businessmen Erik Luna, who is likely to get custody of him and his step-brother at their mother's expense. Erik is protected by his gangster brother Quinn Luna, but has a lucrative scam behind his back. So the team tries to scare away Erik, which nevertheless ends up attracting Quinn's attention, so a plan B is improvised.
- Written by KGF Vissers on IMDB

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