FONL - Focussed on Nick Lea

The Commish

Michael Chiklis:Tony Scali
Theresa Saldana:Rachel Scali
Kaj-Erik Eriksen:David Scali
Geoffrey Nauffts:Stan Kelly
Melinda McGraw:Cyd Madison
Jason Schombing:Ronnie Lopez
John Cygan:Paulie Pentangeli
Dayna Cornborough:Sarah Scali
Justine Cornborough:Sarah Scali
Gina Belafonte:Carmela Pagan
Nicholas Lea:Ricky Caruso
Evan Tylor:Jonathan Papadakis
Pat Bermel:Mike Rose
Michael Patten:Gordy Tuefel
Kimberly Scott:Lucille Carter
William A. McManus:Jim McGinley
Dave 'Squatch' Ward:Freddie
Ian Tracey:Off. John Hibbs
Alex Bruhanski:Irv Wallerstein
Richard Newman:Marty
Linda Darlow:Louise Hinton
David Paymer:Arnie Metzger
Phil Peters:Bill Frawley
Peter Outerbridge:Jeff Hartley
Deryl Hayes:D.A. Clayton Marshall
Richard Kind:Alex Beebee
Babs Chula:Helen Stags
Tamsin Kelsey:Brenda Peterson
Created by:Stephen J. Cannell, Stephen Kronish
Slightly offbeat television police comedy/drama. Tony Scali is the police commissioner in a small town, where solutions to difficult situations often require considerable creativity. Tony's easygoing manner and clever intellect are much more useful to him than weapons or brute force in his fight against crime.
- Written by Tad Dibbern (IMDB)
The series chronicles the life of Eastbridge's Police Commishioner Tony Scali [The Commish of the title]. Enrico "Ricky" Caruso is described as "a cop with an attitude", a determination to get on in life. Note: I have only listed those episodes in which Nick is known to have appeared. If you know any different please contact me.
- Written by Aqualegia
1.01 - In the Best of Families Tony faces charges of negligence after a prominent man's son (Roark Critchlow) hangs himself in jail.

First aired: 28 September 1991
Writer: Stephen Kronish
Director: Gwen Arner
Guest star: John Cassini (Artie Briggs), Roark Critchlow (Bobby Sturdivant), Lee Conerly (Tremayne Dickson)
1.02 - Do You See What I See? A rapist in a Santa mask terrorizes Eastbridge; a cop's remark prompts Tony to take the graveyard shift.

First aired: 05 October 1991
Writer: Stephen J. Cannell
Director: Tucker Gates
Guest star: Jo de Winter (Mrs. Morton), John H. Brennan (John Randazzo), Hilary Strang (Marcy Cole)
1.03 - The Poisoned Tree Tony tries to convince Rachel her colleague is a child molester.

First aired: 12 October 1991
Writer: Robert Cochran
Director: Tucker Gates
Guest star: Ken Lerner (Jim Hollister), Joan McMurtrey (Mrs. Basman), Kahla Lichti (Mary Basman)
1.04 - Nothing to Fear But... Death threats prompt Tony to protect his unaware family with police surveillance.

First aired: 26 October 1991
Writer: Tammy Ader
Director: Kim Manners
Guest star: Josh Blake (Alex Prince), M.C. Gainey (Si Prince), Richard Newman (Marty), Terence Kelly (Principal Hearst), Gregory Smith (Jason), Tara Wilding (Annabelle), Dave Humeniuk (Phone Repairman), Marcy Goldberg (Mrs. Prince)
1.07 - Behind the Storm Door A terrorized woman (Kimberly Beck) sees Tony as her rescuer; to get a date, Stan fixes traffic tickets.

First aired: 09 November 1991
Writer: Glen Morgan, James Wong
Director: Jonathan Sanger
Guest star: Kimberly Beck (Michelle Carver), James Staszkiel (Hector Hurley), Debbie Podowski (Shelley), Andrew Wheeler (Richard Carver), Alvin Sanders (Mr. Manwaring), Peter Kelamis (Clerk), Teryl Rothery (Salon Worker), Thomas Mitchell (Jock)
1.09 - Two Confessions Tony is doubly stymied when identical twins both initially confess to the same murder, then, in a surprise about-face, accuse each other of the crime. Also, Arnie finds romance with a kindred soul, a phone-sex operator named Gloria.

First aired: 30 November 1991
Writer: Tammy Ader
Director: Fred Gerber
Guest star: Matthew Laurance (Greg Borman), Mitchell Laurance (Jeffrey Borman), Eden Atwood (Gloria), Timothy Burd (Thief), Des Smiley (Ira Goldblume), Michael Roberds (Bartender), Adrien Dorval (Wendell), Michael Patten (Gordy Tuefel), Pat Waldron (Old Lady)
1.10 - The Commissioner's Ball Tony thinks he knows who is killing homeless people; Tony must organize the commissioner's ball.

First aired: 07 December 1991
Writer: Stephen J. Cannell, Anthony J. Schembri
Director: Tucker Gates
Guest star: Ron Frazier (Dr. Loren Saberhagen), Linda Darlow (Louise Hinton), Malcolm Stewart (Art Clark), Harriet C. Leider (Conchetta Moran), Jay Brazeau (Aaron Hoyle), A.C. Peterson (Mike (Roadblock) Torio), Gillian Barber (Dr. Sheila West), William Samples (Dr. Leland Tassey), Barry Rector (Lud Freeman), Milton Murrill (Chief Leonard Riley)
1.11 - No Greater Gift When sixty-nine year old Annette Atkins is found murdered in her home just before Christmas, Tony dismisses Wallerstein's suspicion that her husband Frank and their son are involved with her killing. However, as the evidence continues to suggest murder, Tony proves that Frank bas recently fired a gun, prompting him to admit to the murder. Though claiming he was only fulfilling his wife's last wish that she be allowed to die in peace to end her suffering from cancer, Tony has no alternative other than to arrest Frank for murder.

When a homeless woman is found sleeping in the creche outside city hall, a powerful city councilman, demands that Tony get rid of her. When Tony's efforts fails to get the woman to stop sleeping in the manger, the councilman calls for a special hearing to force her removal. However, upset over Frank's arrest and with having to relocate the homeless woman against her will, Tony resigns and storms out of the meeting. Upon hearing of the resignation, Frank turns himself in rather than make Tony arrest him. Meanwhile, the City Council bends to the voter's outcry and asks that Tony return to the job without making him enforce the city's vagrancy law. Finally, the District Attorney tells Tony that Frank will not be indicted for the mercy killing of his wife.

Note: Nick sings a Christmas carol at the beginning, and looks adorable at the cops' Xmas party at the end.

First aired: 21 December 1991
Writer: Stephen Kronish
Director: Win Phelps
Guest star: Jeanne Bates (Annette Atkins), Andrew Airlie (Tom Atkins), Jo Bates (Detective), Lindsay Bourne (Arnold Tenzer), Ken Camroux-Taylor (Phil Malloy), Rochelle Greenwood (Mindy), Robin Mossley (Thief), Milo O'Shea (Frank Atkins), Sheila Paterson (Homelesss Woman), Amber Warnat (Laurie Goodman)
1.12 - The Fourth Man After Commissioner Scali's friend and colleague, Chief of Detectives Irv Wallerstein, is struck down during a bloody encounter with hijackers, Tony becomes obsessed with finding the assailant.

First aired: 04 January 1992
Writer: Robert Cochran
Director: Les Sheldon
Guest star: Doug Abrahams (Murphy), Bill Dow (Truck Driver), Bette Ford (Irene Wallerstein), Philip Granger (Mark Patrick)
1.13 - Charlie Don't Surf Extortionists target a restaurateur; Stan poses as a pizza delivery man to catch muggers
Features Darin Morgan as a pizza delivery man.

First aired: 18 January 1992
Writer: Glen Morgan, James Wong
Director: Mark Sobel
Guest star: Ted Harrison (Stellars), Dax Belanger (Admissions Guy), Paul Coeur (Mo), Mig Macario (Tuan), Duff MacDonald (Eddie), Darin Morgan (Sal), Haing S. Ngor (Nhu Hao Duong), Dustin Nguyen (Robert Hue)
1.15 - The Wicked Flee A boy emotionally withdraws after seeing his mother murdered; Tony's son has trouble protesting his father's coaching methods.

First aired: 22 February 1992
Writer: Stephen Kronish, Anthony J. Schembri
Director: Kim Manners
Guest star: Tom Isbell (Jack Sullivan), Wilt Chamberlain (Himself), Shane Meier (Mark Sullivan), Johnny Cuthbert (Mark Welbek), Don Thompson (Luke Jarrett), Michelle Epstein (Computer Operator), Joe Maffei (Mel Fein), Jorge Vargas (Jason), Stephen Lombard (Andrew), Deanne Henry (Dr. Rita Brodek), Chilton Crane (Carol Sullivan)
1.16 - True Believers Several officers are implicated in a murder involving white supremacists.

First aired: 29 February 1992
Writer: Robert Cochran
Director: Tucker Gates
Guest star: James Handy (Donald Barrett), Michael D. Roberts (Franklin Sharpe), Ken Marshall (Sullivan Godfrey), Greg Spottiswood (Walter Doyle), Julian Christopher (Calvin Simms), Sharon Wahl (Agatha), Karen Dior (Redhead), Robert Thurston (Peter Talley), David Hovan (Randi), Tom Pickett (First Speaker), Maria Jose Doyle (Second Speaker), Michàle Lonsdale Smith (Third Speaker), Troy Mallory (Thug), Charles Andrew Payne (Rally Attendant)
1.17 - Officer April A domestic call shooting starts a terror campaign against Kelly; a businesswoman seeks officers for a beefcake calendar.

First aired: 07 March 1992
Writer: Glen Morgan, James Wong
Director: Miles Watkins
Guest star: Richard Steinmetz (Mr. Costello), Kim Alexis (Elaine Thomas), Mark Lowenthal (Edward Eggleton), Lesly Kahn (Janice Costello), Eden Atwood (Gloria), Lenno Britos (Pierro Guzman), Aurelio DiNunzio (Odjick), Charles Andre (Lidster), Sarah Hayward (Waitress)
1.18 - Sex, Lies, & Kerosene An arson case contains an apparent murder.

First aired: 21 March 1992
Writer: Tammy Ader
Director: Les Sheldon
Guest star: Patricia Charbonneau (Catherine Belzer), Scott Bryce (Sam Cole), Paul Ben-Victor (Benny Gorzo), Nedra Volz (Mrs. Zimmerman), Julian Christopher (Calvin Simms), Tom McBeath (Norman Welgrove), Dick Sargent (Martin Belzer), Greg Rogers (Harvey Zimmerman), Romona Robinson (Reporter Melanie Scott), Garry Davey (Fire Chief), Richard Newman (Medical Examiner), Constance Barnes (Assistant D.A.)
1.19 - Judgment Day A judge with a secret jails Tony; an officer takes a boy on his beat to give him perspective.

First aired: 04 April 1992
Writer: Robert Cochran
Director: Brad Turner
Guest star: Richard Bradford (Judge Scott), James Madio (Rip Russo), Joseph Ragno (Joey Sanderson), Brent Stait (Frank McBride), John Pyper-Ferguson (Cory McBride), Karen Austin (Linda Scott), R.G. Miller (Pawnshop Owner), Christopher Racasa (Allen)
1.21 - Video Vigilante A publicity seeker with a video camera makes Tony's life difficult; a professor is accused of beating a student. Note: Also features Rebecca Toolan (Mrs. Mulder) and Dean Haglund (Langly).

First aired: 09 May 1992
Writer: Glen Morgan, James Wong, Tammy Ader
Director: Gwen Arner
Guest star: Robert Harper (Professor Gerald Hanick), Titus Welliver (Michael Harris), Donal Logue (Ryan Gibson), Eric McCormack (Ted Eckels), Michael Puttonen (Vinnie 'High Collars'), John Tench (Video Vigilante), Kevin McNulty (Wayne Tibbets), Rebecca Toolan (Mrs. Green), Alec Willows (Chaplain), Tom Heaton (Mr. Green), Laurie Murdoch (Stage Manager), Douglas Newell (Professor Winston), Sandy Tucker (Nurse), Joanna Piros (Newscaster), Amanda O'Leary (Clementine), Dean Haglund (Drug Dealer )
1.22 - The Puck Stops Here Tony's friend, a high-school hockey star and recovering addict, becomes a drug suspect; the Scalis agonize over abortion.

First aired: 16 May 1992
Writer: Stephen Kronish, Robert Cochran
Director: Miles Watkins
Guest star: Michael MacRae (Coach Al Kennedy), Michael Gabriel (Jeff Surnac), Scott McNeil (Mike Surnac), Allan Lysell (Detective Lloyd Hooper), Gabrielle Rose (Dr. McNeeley), Frank Ferrucci (Bert), Richard Newman (Marty), Paul Jarrett (Howard), Gary Hetherington (Mr. Frank Reeves), Marie Stillin (Mrs. Reeves), Shane Kelly (Jim Davidson)
2.02 - Adventures in the Skin Trade Tony infiltrates a New York ring making pornographic films with teenagers. A porn producer helps Tony escape kidnappers, then they pursue a sleazy film entrepreneur. Note: Nick is only in this second part of the two-part season 2 opener, so if you wanted to know the whole story you will need to see episode 2.01.

First aired: 26 September 1992
Writer: Stephen Kronish, Glen Morgan, James Wong
Director: Michael Zinberg
Guest star: Frederick Coffin (Joe McKellar), Trevor Goddard (Ozzy Van Spyk), Ken Ryan (Medical Examiner), Kristi Angus (Lisa McKellar), Jessica Schreier (Connie McKellar), John 'Bear' Curtis (Chunk), Brian Keith Binns (Philo), Trajan Bulescu (Vang), Vladimir Kulich (Otto), Dee Jay Jackson (Roemer)
2.03 - Guns 'n' Sons Tony's son David is shocked when his friend Jason shoots Brad Harris, the school bully.

First aired: 10 October 1992
Writer: Christina Covino
Director: Kim Manners
Guest star: David Gianopoulos (Bill), Gabriel Damon (Brad Harris), Joshua Harris (Jason), Tolen Teigen (Russ Ellison), Paul Hubbard (Richard Scanlon), Pamela MacDonald (Rita Harris), Marilyn Norry (Principal), Freda Perry (Ms. Hill), Rob Morton (Woodshop Teacher), Gary Jones (Audi Owner), Barbara Lee Edwards (Reporter No. 1), Kevin Hayes (Reporter No. 2), Trevor Roberts (Tough Kid)
2.05 - The Witches of Eastbridge A heart is cut from a corpse at a funeral home; town believes a recluse (Ray Walston) taints Halloween treats.

First aired: 31 October 1992
Writer: Glen Morgan, James Wong
Director: David Nutter
Guest star: Ray Walston (Burt Hagstone), Phil Reeves (Talbot), Henry Beckman (Dr. Kranz), Betty Phillips (Mrs. Poe), Sabrina Byrne (Sheila Wortzel), P. Lynn Johnson (Ann Darrow), Frank Pellegrino (Mr. Williams), Alex Diakun (Knightlinger), Stephen Lombard (Kyle), Jorge Vargas (Jerry), Ed Harrington (Jonathan Harker), David Cameron (Wojack), Cheryl Kaye Tardif (Teacher)
2.06 - The Two Faces of Ed Tony is torn when a series of life-threatening incidents occur in Eastbridge and the only link appears to be Ed Mize, an old, mild-mannered friend who is currently experiencing marital difficulties.

First aired: 07 November 1992
Writer: Robert Rabinowitz
Director: Paul Shapiro
Guest star: Pat Sajak (Dr. Brian Brandon), Vincent Guastaferro (Ed Mize/Neville), Katie Mitchell (unknown), Dale Wilson (unknown), Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff (Jane), Althea McAdam (Janet), Laura Murdoch (Sandra), Brent Chapman (Guard), Anthony Harrison (Doctor), Sam Vincent (Delivery Man)
2.07 - Escape Tony, distraught when it appears that Phil Reid, one of his best men, may be targeted for revenge by a dangerous escaped convict, is further upset when he discovers that Phil's family harbors a dark secret; Rachel redecorates.

First aired: 14 November 1992
Writer: Christina Covino
Director: Miles Watkins
Guest star: Drew Snyder (Phil Weldon), Gwynyth Walsh (Pam Weldon), Hidalgo Rubin (Alex Reid), Lalainia Lindbjerg (Jennifer Reid), Eli Gabay (Brett Connors), Joe Norman Shaw (Dr. Bradshaw), Jeffrey Cohen (Fingerprint Guy), Russell Ferrier (Forensics Guy), Arnie Walters (Bank Manager), Mitch Davies (Guard #1), Bobby Stewart (Guard #2)
2.08 - A Time to Be Born Rachel's in labor and about to give birth at any minute with only Cyd to support her because Tony is Literally out on a ledge trying to stop a troubled, older cop, who is a friend, from jumping.

First aired: 21 November 1992
Writer: Stephen Kronish
Director: Michael Lange
Guest star: Barton Heyman (Lou Donello), Ross Douglas (Emergency Room Doctor), Sandra Ferens (Delivery Room Doctor), Veena Sood (Delivery Room Nurse), Abe Hefter (Man in Bar), Tom Shorthouse (Old Man), Jim Walker (Scoonj Dilippo), Eileen Barrett (Corridor Nurse), Scott Owen (Perp. in Warehouse), Paul Bittante (Rescue Squad Member #1), David Marr (Rescue Squad Member #2), Brian Knox (Scooge's Partner)
2.09 - The Witness Rachel witnesses a robbery/murder while grocery shopping and becomes the target of the killer's threats.

First aired: 05 December 1992
Writer: Robert Rabinowitz
Director: Barbara Amato
Guest star: John Novak (unknown), Steve Makaj (Joe), Don MacKay (Phil), Betty Linde (Irma), David Palffy (Jim Davies), Adrien Dorval (Ted Beymer), Lesley Ewen (Margaret Page)
2.11 - The Frame Tony is concerned when a known mobster who claims to be retired moves to Eastbridge. He tries to get a dock permit but when he is rejected the son of the man who decides on permits is framed for a crime he didn't commit. Obviously the mobster framed him to get his father to change his mind, but Tony tries to prove the son's innocence so he doesn't have to give in - Written by rcs0411

First aired: 19 December 1992
Writer: Robert Cochran
Director: Rob Hedden
Guest star: Brian Smiar (Jake Bellin), Martin Cummins (Don Bellin), Dee McCafferty (Al Coleman), Telly Savalas (Tommy Colette), Barney McFadden (Charlie Stock), Frank C. Turner (Fred Phillips), James Bell (Alan Wortzel), Marcy Goldberg (Helen Wortzel), Sabrina Byrne (Sheila Wortzel), Fred Henderson (Wayne Fletcher), Laurie Paton (Lisa Fredericks), Zdenek Juricek (Frankie Grinnell)
2.21 - Sight Unseen A rapist preys on blind young women; Rachel makes a surprise investment in art.

First aired: 08 May 1993
Writer: David Ehrman
Director: Vern Gillum
Guest star: Daniel Markel (Josh Sanders), Kevin Conway (Paul Roberts), Debbie Podowski (Janice Flannery), Paul Anthony McLean (Ray Anson), Christopher Gaze (Charles Lancaster), Fulvio Cecere (Burglar), Jason Mitchell (Joey), Allison Sanders (Angie), Nicola Crosbie (Ellen), Catherine Lough Haggquist (Margie), Norma Jean Wick (Reporter), Betty Noble (Alice Gray)
2.22 - The Anti-Commish When a mysterious caller advises Tony that he is going to be his "partner" and do the things Tony would like to do but can't, a number of Eastbridge drug dealers suddenly turn up dead.; Rachel is offered a good job in Buffalo.

First aired: 15 May 1993
Writer: Vivienne Radkoff
Director: Rob Hedden
Guest star: Joseph Lindsey (Water Delivery Man), Sal Landi (Joe Marks), Tom Butler (Pete Dunbar), Frank Crudele (Al Brunetti), Dwight McFee (Frank Simmons), Merrilyn Gann (Grace Wellman), R. Nelson Brown (Bobby Lovelle), Lisa Vultaggio (Raquel)
3.03 - Scali, P.I. After Tony resigned so that he could move to where Rachel's job takes her, he discovers she has turned down the job. Tony goes to the mayor hoping to get his job back but she has already hired someone else, James Hayden. Tony goes to work for a P.I., and when he gets an uneasy feeling about Hayden, Tony decides to investigate him, much to the annoyance of the guy he is now working for.

First aired: 09 October 1993
Writer: Robert Cochran
Director: Rob Hedden
Guest star: Tom Butler (Pete Dunbar), Mike Connors (James Hayden), Frank Cassini (Mac Fargo), Brent Stait (B.B. Davenport), Tassy Jackson (Shirley), Greg F. Rogers (Tom Milligan), Bob Wilde (Three Finger Clark)
3.04 - Burned-Out Case When a friend of David's dies after taking crack, Tony disappoints David by letting the dealer go as he's part of a federal sting but not big enough to go after; Kelly and Rose go under cover at a burger joint.

First aired: 16 October 1993
Writer: David Ehrman
Director: Paul Shapiro
Guest star: Marco Rodríguez (Jamie), Gary Graham (Barry Witt), Andy Berman (Jimmy), Mark Saunders (John Baker), Jessica Pedlow (Judy), Michael Tiernan (Diaz), Robin Kelley (Teacher), Cameron Labine (Student #1), Angela Costain (Student #2), Gabe Khouth (Robber)
3.05 - The Set-Up The Eastbridge Police Department is requested to assist in bringing down the biggest mobster from Cleveland. His men turn around and set Rachel up in a hit-and-run so Tony sets up a little sting of his own.

First aired: 23 October 1993
Writer: Joel Surnow
Director: Sara (Jane) Rose
Guest star: Stuart Pankin (Mike Amador), Anthony Dean Fields (Ray Bennett), Dawn Johnson (Eileen McManus), Michelle Chiklis (Computer Operator), Miles McNamara ('Sweet Tooth' Olson), Mercedes Tang (Actor)
3.07 - Hero A high-school football star rapes the Scalis' baby sitter; a date with an assertive woman makes Stan feel inferior.

First aired: 13 November 1993
Writer: David Greenwalt
Director: Gus Trikonis
Guest star: Carl T. Evans (Jack Hayes), Noelle Parker (Monica), Bo Svenson (George Hayes), Andrew Hill Newman (Bob Stanton), Elisabeth Rosen (Carla Stone), Gabrielle Rose (Linda Stone), Ric Reid (Wayne Peters), Campbell Lane (Alan Bricks), Gaetana Korbin (Sally), Katherine Lanteigne (Amy Peters), Wren Roberts (Big Bill Brockton), Barry W. Levy (Johnny Franco), Kevin Lesmister (Asst. D.A. Bradley), Barney McFadden (Big Ugly Guy)
3.17 - Romeo and Juliet David and his girlfriend find a dead body, whom everyone recognizes as a man with a gambling problem. Word on the street says the perpetrator is a new man, known by a nickname. Rachel invites the Fishers for dinner as she thinks they should get to know the girlfriend's family. Everyone's getting along so well Mr. Fisher tells Tony to call him by his nickname - Written by clearthinkernow

First aired: 12 March 1994
Writer: Joel Surnow
Director: James Whitmore Jr.
Guest star: Todd Susman (Gideon 'Giggy' Fisher), Danielle Harris (Sheri Fisher), Norman Browning (Don Lacey), Guillermo Verdecchia (Noodles), Maria Herrera (Nurse), Robert Rozen (Cantor Kagan), Candus Churchill (Waitress), Lynda Boyd (Clerk)
3.19 - Dead Drunk A cop's harassment of the drunken driver who killed his wife ends in murder; Rachel suspects the housekeeper of stealing. Note: This is Nick's last "official" appearance in the series. He left to film The Raffle.

First aired: 02 April 1994
Writer: Dennis E. Leoni
Director: Bruce Kessler
Guest star: Markus Flanagan (Joe Thompson), Joan Freeman (Alice Kelton), Jon Cypher (Bill Kelton), Scott Swanson (Judge Foley), Chris Wilding (Craig), Adrienne Carter (Mindy), Barry Mickelson (Dr. Clark), Robin Douglas (Gladys), Nancy Sivak (Nancy Lewis), David Cameron (Roy)
3.22 - The Iceman Cometh Stan Kelly has taken the sergeant's test and feels it necessary to prove how tough he is to the other officers. Stan also asks the commissioner to allow him to see his own tip from an informant through. Officer Kelly gets an abused wife to cooperate with surveillance on her husband. Is any of this worth it to become sergeant? - Written by clearthinker.
Note: Nick's not credited, but he's in the funeral scene.

First aired: 07 May 1994
Writer: Joel Surnow, David Greenwalt
Director: Miles Watkins
Guest star: Leah Remini (Gail Ross), Cyril O'Reilly (Terry Ross), Gordon Tipple (Ricky Hester), James Dillon (Shagins), William A. McManus (Jim McGinley), Jesse Moss (Freddy), Aurelio DiNunzio (Bomb Squad Officer), Mitch Davies (Officer Stankovich), Brandon Obray (Boy At Classroom)