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Chris Bezich   

Chris talking to Catherine in a
private bar

Main Cast:
William L. Petersen : Gil Grissom
Marg Helgenberger : Catherine Willows
Gary Dourdan : Warrick Brown
George Eads : Nick Stokes
Jorja Fox : Sara Sidle
Paul Guilfoyle : Captain Jim Brass
Robert David Hall : Dr. Al Robbins
Eric Szmanda : Greg Sanders
Guest Cast:
Nicholas Lea : Chris Bezich
Wallace Langham : Hodges
Kat Dennings :  
James Hyde :  
Oscar B. Goodman :  
David Berman : David Phillips
Cory Hardrict :  
Galvin Chapman :  
Kim Coates : Drake Snow
aka 'Drake the Snake'
D.B. Sweeney : Kyle Goode
Renee Allman : Laurel Trent
Joe Kelly : Officer Metcalf
Christian Redd : Suspect #2
Ray Stoney : Suspect #1
Anthony E. Zuiker : Security Guy
Teleplay : Anthony E. Zuiker
& Carol Mendelsohn
Story : Elizabeth Devine
Director : Duane Clarke


Chris Bezich
C.S.I: Crime Scene Investigation
Early Rollout

(episode #4.15) February 19, 2004




Daytime. An exclusive, gated community and the camera zooms in on a house, then a blonde woman washing a coffee cup. Her husband kisses her, and then goes out to get the paper. She starts up the car and backs it out. Suddenly someone grabs the husband, then pulls her from the car.
Two bloody bodies are what greet the cops and CSI. Neither Grisson nor Catherine, who just arrived, got much sleep as this is an early morning case. He was busy watching a poker game on TV. Mike and Laurel Trent were both shot execution style in the back of the head. Mike was rich; maybe he made some enemies along the way? What's odd is that the wife fell where she was shot, but why was the husband dragged down the driveway – unless he was meant to be found?
Catherine and Warrick enter the expensive house. Photos abound of the loving couple. "The old trophy wife," says Catherine. She wouldn't want to be the woman for the world. Warrick's cell rings; Greg is outside the gate. He needs a code. He's at the wrong gate, says Warrick, who then tells him how to get to the house. Nick and Sara arrive. Nick recognizes Mike Trent's name – big club owner. Sara is busy eating some candy, and Nick wouldn't mind some, but she says she ate the last one. Brass wonders if she's sick; she says she's just rundown. Cough drops? Nick and Sara take the rear and side yards. Greg shows up, and he explains to Warrick that Catherine called Greg to come. Greg's dressed in a T-shirt with a slogan, jeans and sneakers. "Grissom will rip you a new one" if he sees you like that, cautions the senior CSI. Greg came unprepared, his kit not stocked. He tells the younger man that he should be prepared, so if the phone rings, the stuff is ready to go. The back of Warrick's truck puts Greg's equipment to shame. Greg says no one ever told him about this. "Now you've been told," says Warrick.
Sara finds some cigarette butts near a gate. Someone was killing time, also taking oranges off the tree. Nick is there too. "You still sucking on that same cough drop?" asks Nick. "I'm a slow sucker," she replies. Nick then walks along, trying to figure out where the killer(s) gained entry. There are bicycle tracks in the dirt along the perimeter.
Greg follows Catherine inside and upstairs. Greg, who looks frazzled, gets to check the carpet for trace evidence (on his hands and knees) while Catherine checks the closets and drawers. She finds an empty jewelry box. He finds blood on the rug, as well as boxes of adult films under the bed. "Sunburn Sin" starring Laurel Lust. It's Laurel Trent! A Goode/Mike T (as in Mike Trent?) Production. He probably "seduced her, then produced her," said Catherine.
Robbins has done a preliminary examination of the Trents. Laurel has had breast implants, and two gunshot wounds to the back of the head, like her husband (the shots, not the implants). However, Mike Trent has stun gun burns on his neck. But why?
Night. Warrick and Nick walk along the yard. So far the killers came, killed, robbed, and left quietly on bicycles. They check the security keypad at the residence gate. They're checking for 'sticky fingers' from the suspects – orange peels. They dust it and illuminate. Fingerprints show. 1-3-5-6. The killers had the code.
Grissom needs to finish Catherine's evaluation or else he'll get written up. She tells him what her goals are – she's like two consecutive nights off, cut her triples down to 10 a year, find a reliable babysitter so she can have some kind of a personal life. "You don't have a personal life?" asks Grissom. "Write this down. I haven't had sex in six, no, seven months." Grisson says "How can I help?" Catherine looks rather amused. "You…," he says, "Advance, I mean." Does she have interest in changing sections in the lab?. Catherine wonders how on earth he does it. He says the goal of any supervisor is to train someone to take his place someday, which makes her wonder if he's going to leave. "Are you going some place?" "You never know." Catherine asks again "Are you considering leaving?" "Why not?" he replies. "You're certainly qualified." However, then he mentions that she used the DNA lab to test her own paternity, which calls her judgment into question. But he didn't write that on the evaluation he hands her. He's not covering for her, but handling it internally. The issue is dead. "Besides you'll never do it again," he says. But she wants to clear the air. She tells him that Sam Braun wrote her a check and she cashed it. How much? "Enough to where Lindsey and I can do anything, and not enough to where we can do nothing." Grissom looks a bit horrified. Since Sam Braun was a murder suspect in one of her cases, "How does this not look like a payoff?" She had her lawyer check it out – it's a check from a father to a daughter. "What about conflict of interest? Not just for you, but for this lab?" She doesn't seem a problem with hit. "Maybe not legally. But ethically?" She doesn't say anything. "What else should I know, Catherine?" But that's everything. She signs, then leaves, not happy. Neither is he.
Sara is working on evidence from the scene when Catherine comes in. She did find a release form to shoot an adult film at the Acid Drop (a club) with Drake Snow for Drake the Snake Productions.
According to the official CSI site his full name is Christopher Bezich, and he is aged 35.
This leads the CSI to the Acid Drop. A Security Guy [played by Anthony Zuiker] brings Catherine to the boss – Chris Beszich, who is talking with a gaggle of lovely ladies who are scantily clad dancers. Catherine is there about Mike Trent and he takes her into a quiet section of the club to talk. Chris says it was a shock hearing about their deaths. He says Mike loved Laurel, and got her out of the business. Chris runs the clubs for Trent, ever since Trent got out of the adult film business with Kyle Goode. Goode pops up here and there, but Chris does his best to keep him away from Mike. What about Drake Snow, "Drake the Snake"? Chris laughs. Drake is harmless; Chris hired him. "He saw one Ron Jeremy [famous adult film star] movie and now the guy just sees dollar signs." How did he get along with the Trents? You can ask him. As she is about to leave, he wonders what her name is. She tells him and he introduces himself.
Catherine talks to Drake, who is tending bar. Last thing he'd want to be is a partner with Mike, who would chew you up and spit you out and forget Kyle. Drake wants to run his own adult film business, just needs a location. Since the last time he asked Mike for a favor, and nearly got his head taken off – in Mike's kitchen, he tried something different.. So he bypassed Mike and went to Laurel. Catherine says she'll help him "get that dream shot," so that when he gets into the adult film business, he won't have a murder rap hanging over his head. She just needs a DNA sample.
Warrick has brought in some abandoned bikes, which Nick gets to dust for prints. He finds sugar on both handlebars. Possible getaway vehicles. Warrick checks inside part of the tubing for the seat, and pulls out paperwork from the bike shop. How did Warrick know, wonders Nick. He reads books now ;) Good for Warrick, but bad for Ross Davis.
Ross Davis, a young black man, has been brought in. He said his bike was stolen. Jumped by two guys who he thought would kill him. They had hit him in the neck, and when Grissom looks, he sees stun gun marks.
Greg catches up with Catherine in a corridor. "I found something on your butt," he says, to which she replies "Checking out my butt again, Greg?" He was, but the cigarette butt. He said blood found in the bedroom belonged to Drake Snow. Three of four of the cigarette butts found at the scene belonged to Drake as well. The orange pits belong to two unknown men. So they're looking for two men and a woman who might know Drake.
Drake is brought in to talk with Brass. Drake admits he was in the bedroom, on his knees, begging for money for Drake the Snake Productions, then hubby came in. There was no sex. The sex was long ago on the set when she made films. Drake doesn't profit from their deaths at all. As for his cigarettes at the scene of the crime? He says he smokes only at work. Down to one cigarette a day, in fact, after Happy Hour, and out back. He denies being anywhere around their house.
Back at the Acid Drop, Chris says it's true, Drake only smokes one cigarette a day in one room. Catherine still needs to verify it. "Do you verify everything?" "Everything, including you," she replies. "You're clear." He says Drake giving up cigarettes is like Chris trying to give up… "Sex?" finishes Catherine. He's not interested in the girls at the bar as he prefers women, then asks he she gets a day off. They get much closer, then kiss. But, she's on the clock. "You started it." "Maybe when the time is right I'll finish it," she replies.
Brass asks Sara how she's feeling. She thought she was coming down with a cold. He understands 'colds.' Back in New Jersey when he burned the candle at both ends, he started medicating, indicating drinking. He's says there's more problems than answers at the bottom of a bottle. She had a couple of beers with breakfast when she got off shift, then got called in. "Just a couple?" "Yeah," he replies. He's only looking out for her.
Grissom is in his lab when Brass comes in. He's studying photos of the missing jewelry, which is worth $2 million or more. Grissom is still trying to figure out why the body was dragged down the driveway. Brass then mentions that Kyle Goode was suing Trent for millions.
Hodges has checked out the orange peels. It appears the cigarette butts were planted, so Drake is innocent, as is the unknown female, whose cigarette butt was also harvested from the same sand tray at the club.
Brass finds Kyle Goode at a video arcade with his kid. He was wondering when they would talk with him, since he was suing his ex-partner for millions. He was with his son Alex, who tells Brass that he was at his grandmothers, and his father drove him there. Pretty sure he got there around 11 a.m., after stopping to get some take-out breakfast at Sunnyside. The alibi sounds good, and when he leaves, he puts out a cigarette. Brass takes it.
Nick comes to Sunnyside, a restaurant, to check out Kyle's alibi. Missy Wilson, a teenager with way too much eye makeup, was working breakfast the other day. Does she recognize Kyle Goode? "That's the creep who was hitting on me. So repulsive." She ends up with all the creeps, and there are cameras everywhere, so Nick is able to get a copy of it.
Nick and Grissom watch the tape, which seems to confirm Goode's alibi, and they pause it. There's something around Alex's neck, and it almost looks like a canteen, which his odd because he's looking down into it. The phone rings and Grissom leaves.
Another murder. Stun gun marks, holes in the back of head. Blood spatter is everywhere. And there's some jewelry sticking out of the guy's rear pocket. When David Phillips steps aside, Grissom goes to "pick a pocket." "M&T" says the bracelet. Where's the other guy, and the rest of the jewelry? Grissom goes outside, finds more blood spatter on the side, and follows the trail. Through the bushes where, alas, there's body #2, with a stab wound to the abdomen. Brass comes around with an evidence bag. Inside is a bloody knife. Grissom can top him. He's got a dead guy with a .9mm gun and pillowcase full of jewelry. Not all of it is there, and there's some cash. From the evidence presented, it looks like they were hired hitmen.
Robbins checks out the suspects' bodies. They start with the guy who was stun-gunned, then shot. The knife wound was not shot, but was nailed in a vulnerable spot.
"…No honor among thieves," says Catherine to Brass as they walk down the corridor. They suspects were fighting over the jewelry, he says. He talked to the Trent's bank. They were on their way to the safety deposit box that morning, then off to Hawaii.
Warrick and Sara are still checking evidence. Warrick is going over a stack of $10,000, as is Sara. They're both tired. She seems very quiet, then says "I've got a bloodstain." She takes the money to Greg who says defacing government property is a federal offense, but since the money is logged as property, so he snips out a piece of the $100 bill to test.
Meanwhile, Nick has blow-ups from the video. The canteen around Alex's neck was really binoculars, which his father yanked away from him.
Back at the house at night, Nick and Grissom look around. Grissom spies something in the distance, goes off, and tells Nick to stay put. Moments later, Grissom calls him on his cell. He can see him with binoculars from a construction site. Nick moves out of site, which seems to please Grissom, as the man who paid for the killing, watched from afar, and the body was dragged down as proof of the killing. Goode was the man who paid. On the way down, Grissom spots car paint on a railing. He calls Brass. Please put out an APB on Kyle Goode's vehicle.
Brass shows Goode the photo of Alex with the binoculars, expensive $4,500 Zeiss binoculars. Goode says it was to keep his son occupied, but Alex said he slept all the way. Goode's ex-wife gave them permission to get a sample of Alex's hair – which showed traces of a hypnotic sleep sedative. Meanwhile, the $20,000 "buyout money" situation. Goode seemed disturbed to discover the hired killers "greased each other". Goode then loses it, saying how he hated Trent for burning him. "A scumbag, worst of the worst." He brought Trent in and Trent then kicked him out. Trent left a lot of enemies in the wake of his business dealings. Goode's not sorry the man is dead, but says he didn't kill him. No, he didn't, Brass agrees, but his "$20,000 incentive pulled the trigger." Alas, the blood on the wad of cash from a paper cut is his blood. They compared the DNA on the money to the cigarette butt (found in plain view) and it's Goode's. He also timed it so Trent had to watch his wife die before he was killed. "Kyle Goode, you've been bad. You're under arrest."
Grissom's working in his office, as usual. Catherine is leaving, and she's dressed up a bit. She stops by to see if he needs anything. "No, I'm good." "Are we good?" she asks. "We'll be fine," he replies. He notices her outfit, and fixed-up hair. "Going out?" She smiles. "I've got some unfinished business to take care of. I'll see you."
source: Elyse's CSI's Site

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