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The Hat Squad: Fiction
Brett Halsey

Brett Halsey

Brett Halsey
The Hat Squad:
Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous

The Hat Squad Title

The Hat Squad

Brett's office

Brett on the balcony overlooking his office.

Brett walking across his offce

Brett walking across his basement office


Brett, talking to the intruder

Nestor Serrano : Rafael Martinez  }
Don Michael Paul : Buddy Capatosa }-The Hat Squad
Billy Warlock : Matt Mathesson }
James Tolkan : Capt. Mike Ragland
Paul Hipp : Andrew McCauley
Amy Hathaway : Lisa Kemper
Barbara Stuart : Mrs. McCauley
Garwin Sanford : (District Attorney)
Nicholas Lea : Brett Halsey
Jay Brazeau : Taylor Maxwell (McCauley's Lawyer)
Kevin McNulty : Sgt. McKay
James Crescenzo : Ramone Rodriguez - aka the Kissing Bandit
Brigitta Dau : Jennifer Collier
Ken Kramer : Akmed Ahmad (storekeeper)
Sandy Tucker : Lorraine (Jasper receptionist?)
Deborah Hancock : Stephanie Sloan (Rafael's Date?)
Directed by : Kim Manners
Written by : Bill Nuss
Stephen J. Cannell Productions


by Tarlan & Aqualegia



Brett greets Lisa at the Bar


The scene opens with Lisa Kemper and her best friend Jennifer Collier walking to Brett Halsey's new place: Club X. They walk past the queue and go straight in. Brett Halsey approaches Lisa and they talk. He invites her to go come down to see his new office and when she asks him if he will behave himself, he grins and says 'no'. It is what she wanted to hear so she follows him to the elevator.

When the elevator doors open at the Office level, Lisa and Brett are busy kissing and he throws his arm out to stop the door closing. It traps his arm and he has to press the 'open' button several times before the door slides open once more and releases him. The bottle Lisa is carrying is empty so Brett sends her to the wine cabinet at the end of the hallway while he walks down the short staircase into his open-plan, highly modern looking office.


An univited guest

The chair in his office swings around as a man says Brett's name over and over. The man is dressed flamboyantly like a glam-rock star.

Man: How the hell are you doing, man.

Brett asks him how he got in there and he says he had a backstage pass. The man seems 'upset' that Brett has not called him, wanting to know if Brett has 'snorted' up the profits that should belong to his 'silent partner'.

Man: Party's on but you didn't call.

Man: You didn't snort up all the profits?

Brett: I'll pay you what I owe you


I know who you are


Brett tells him 'I know who you are' and threatens to go to the Police if the man won't accept that. The man punches Brett, knocking him flying over a mid-thigh height glass table. Brett produces a gun and aims it, but there seems no intention to pull the trigger, just a threat. However, the man draws a large knife and throws it. It strikes Brett mid-chest and he falls, ending up slightly curled on his side on the floor.

In the meantime, Lisa has returned with the full bottle and sees it all. She screams and the man charges after her. She gets into the elevator but the ancient machine is slow closing and the man gets his arm through. She bites his hand hard... he pulls his arm away and it gives her time to get the door closed so she can make her escape.

The Hat Squad Premise
Three young, orphaned boys whose parents were cops are adopted by a cop and his wife. Their foster-father tells them stories about 4 cops who called themselves "The Hat Squad" and they vow to emulate them when they grow up.

Lisa is balancing along the edge of a bridge when a police car draws up.

At the station house, there is some banter between the three brothers about a date Rafael has for later. The younger, smaller one, Matt, is asked to deal with a homicide because the witness says that he used to babysit her when he was in high school. Matt and Buddy go into the interrogation room, while Raphael goes out on his date.

Lisa Kemper is 18 years old and has been in and out of rehab. She is estranged from her parents and seems to be bitter about her perfect and famous sister, Kimberley Kemper who seems to have everything in Lisa's eyes.

The Hat Squad discover a link between Halsey and four others who borrowed money from a firm called Jasper Investments. When they couldn't or wouldn't pay they got a visit from Alan Jasper who committed acts of violence upon them.

Raphael is sitting at a bar, talking to his date, Stephanie, when "Citizen's Arrest" a TV show which encourages ordinary people to catch criminals by posting rewards, comes on the TV behind the bar. The subject is Ramone Rodriguez aka the "Kissing Bandit". Stephanie makes an excuse, then phones Citizen's Arrest and tells them that she has the Kissing Bandit. Raphael is arrested and, as he complains to his brothers later, it takes him half-an-hour to convince them he not the man the want.


The brothers go to Jasper Investments but discover that there is no one there but a receptionist. The office is unused because Alan Jasper makes all contact with her by telephone twice a day. They ask for the number and return to the police station.

Without waiting for a court order, Matt traces the twice-daily phone call to the McCauley Estate. The other's recognise the name as a shaving company McCauley Masters, formerly run by Mason McCauley who died under tragic circumstances in a boating accident.


The Hat Squad go to the McCauley Estate and meet Andrew McCauley, the son of Mason McCauley. Andrew McCauley has a bandage over his right hand which he claims is from an accident where he hit it against the diving board. He refutes the claim that he made the calls to Jasper Investments saying that anyone on the property could make those calls. He has no alibi but says that he can get a dozen people to swear he was at home at the time because that's what he pays them for.

The Hat Squad arrest him and take him to the Police station to appear in a line-up. Although he looks different from his glam-rock persona, Lisa picks him out of the line-up but they have to release him due to technicalities - not obtaining a court order to trace the calls to the McCauley estate.

Matt has warned Lisa not to leave the 'witness' room until he returns to let her know that McCauley is off the premises, but while the cops are arguing the the DA and McCauley's lawyer, McCauley slips away. He goes back and threatens Lisa through the one-way mirror.


Captain Ragland and the Hat Squad take Lisa to the Orpheum theater to use as a 'safe house' while they try to come up with evidence against McCauley. On the way there Matt reads out the record on Andrew McCauley, he has been arrested for assult and sexual battery six times in ten years.

Matt stays at the theater has he protection while the other leave to keep tabs on McCauley. On the way, Raphael gets Buddy to pull over so that he can get them some food and drink for the stakeout. The storekeeper, Akmed Ahmad, has been watching Citizen's Arrest, and pulls a gun on Martinez. Rapheal shows him his police badge and manages to convince him that he is a cop and not the Kissing Bandit.

Lisa tells Matt about the crush she had on him when he was her babysitter... she starts to get rather amorous and he finds it difficult to keep her at arm's length. Lisa's phone rings, it's her friend, Jennifer, who is calling to tell her that there will be an all night party at her place. Lisa uses one of the dressing rooms to change, then she locks the door and escapes through the window, down the fire escape and gets into a cab. Matt follows and calls in his adopted brothers to meet him at Jennifer's place.

There is no party as it is Andrew McCauley who has forced Jennifer to make the phone call so as to lure Lisa there. When Lisa arrives she finds a deserted house; puzzled, she starts looking for Jennifer and comes face to face with Andrew McCauley... then as she backs away from him she stmbles over Jennifer's body. Matt tells her to run. She does so as McCauley throws a knife at her - it misses. McCauley draws a gun and exchanges gunshots with the Hat Squad before crashing through a window to make his escape on a motorbike. He disables the Hat Squad's cars before racing off.


Outside the house, Matt comforts Lisa as Jennifer's body is loaded into the Coroner's wagon.

McCauley goes home and when his mother realises what he has done she threatens to cut him off. McCauley reveals that those were the last words his father said to him on the boat and tells her that she will end up the same way if she threatens him like that again. He escapes on his motorbike as two of the Squad, Buddy and Rafael, arrive to arrest him.

Thwarted, Buddy and Rafael go back to the police station to talk to their Captain, while they are there the Citize's arrest program comes on the TV, and the tape from the convenience store is shown, and Rafael wonders what he has to do to set the record straight. Ragland, tells him that he will put out an APB on Rodriguez.

Matt and Lisa have a talk where she reveals that she misses her parents. He urges her to contact them once this is over. They kiss.

On their way back to the theater, Buddy and Rafael hear over the radio that the Kissing bandit has been spoted coming out of a hotel; they go change course and arrive as Rodriguez is walking along the sidewalk with another of his conquests. Rafael confronts him about his last 5 marriages, to the dismay of the companion, and Rodriguez runs away with Martinez in hot pursuit. When Rafael catches up with him Roriguez pulls a knife, but is soon overpowered.

Dressed like the Phantom of the Opera, McCauley goes to the Orpheum to silence Lisa who is the only witness to the murder of Brett Halsey.

Matt is now sitting with Lisa in a dressing-room and on hearing someone in the theater he tells her to stay put. He radios for help from his adopted brothers who are parked outside, and starts looking for the intruder.

She doesn't stay put and ends up being held hostage by McCauley.

Rafael and Mike have guns on him, but Mike 'abseils' down a rope to knock McCauley aside.



Lisa has decided to go back to live with her parents but she thanks - and kisses Matt. Rafael invites Mike to have a meal on him and reveals that he claimed the $500 reward from "Citizen's Arrest" for catching the kissing bandit.