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Money No Object: Fiction
Highlander: Money No Object - Cory Raines   

Cory, held at sword point by Richie

Main Cast:
Adrian Paul:Duncan MacLeod
Stan Kirsch:Richie Ryan
Jim Byrnes:Joe Dawson
Guest Cast:
Elizabeth Gracen:Amanda
Nicholas Lea:Cory Raines
Alex Bruhanski:Raynaldo
Tim Henry:Sam Gringkov
Tom McBeath:Detective Dennis Tynan
Written by: 
Directed by: 



Cory Raines
Money No Object

(episode #5.7) 11/4/1996



MacLeod and Amanda are reunited with Cory Raines, the charming, smooth-talking "Clyde" to Amanda's "Bonnie" during their five state crime spree in the 1920s. Amanda, always ready for a little larceny, is tempted by the carefree and adventurous lifestyle Cory offers her and takes him up on the offer when she realizes MacLeod won't beg her to stay with him. But MacLeod rides to rides to the rescue when one of Cory's schemes goes astray.