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The Investigation: Vicki Gaberau Interview
Nicholas Lea as Les Forsythe   

Nicholas Lea as Les Fosythe

Main Cast:
Nicholas Lea:Les Forsythe
Reece Dinsdale:Teddy Boulder
David Warner:Bruce Northorp
Lochlyn Munro:Darryll Kettles
Paul Coeur:Clifford Olson
Michael Hogan:Ray
Joe Norman Shaw:Jack Crosbie
Rainer Kahl:Luke Baker
Shaun Johnston:Sgt. Sawyer
Duncan Fraser:George Karwaski
Michael St. John Smith:Inspector Linnehan
Hrothgar Mathews:Fred Coombs
Jack Ackroyd:OIC JFO officer
Francis Damberger:Mosca
Dax Belanger:Surrey Cop
Directed by:Anne Wheeler
Produced by:Jaime Brown
Michael Prupas
Bernard Zuckerman
Book Cover: Where Shadows LingerBook cover: Where Shadows Linger.
The Untold Story of the RCMP's Olson Murders Investigation
by: W. Leslie Holmes with Bruce Northorp



Les Forsythe
The Investigation

Based on the book "Where Shadows Linger"

Nick was nominated for a 2004 Gemini award for his performance in this TV movie. Sadly he didn't win...
more details here


Press Release: Les Holmes knew it would not be easy, but he was determined to bring closure to an event that had scarred so many. As this respected ex-Mountie dug into the records of Canada's most horrifying serial killer case to date, he found that shadows still lingered. The culmination of the author's research came when he interviewed an ex-RCMP member who had fingered Olson weeks before his arrest but whose discovery slipped between the cracks of jurisdiction. Five more teenagers died in the meantime.

RCMP Superintendent Bruce Northorp was the office in charge of the Olson hunt at the time of his arrest in 1981. He kept quiet both during and after the horrific affair out of respect for the mourning parents and because of suspicions about the media's hidden agendas. He knew that one day he would have to set the record straight, and in this book he finally speaks out. His full review of the case clearly shows that the RCMP investigation of the Olson affair was plagued by its own internal problems and personalities.

Under interrogation after he was arrested and charged with murder, Clifford Olson soon confessed to the abduction, sexual assault, and murder of eleven west coast youths. These crimes, committed near Vancouver, British Columbia, were the focus of a controversial police investigation that would involve a deal with the devil. Money for bodies, Olson demanded. To his shock and that of the media and the general public, both the RCMP and two levels of government agreed.

Serial killer Clifford Olson was the most hated man in Canada when he confessed his crimes. Much conjecture surrounds his arrest, and the agreement to pay him $100,000 to take authorities to the locations of his victims led to tension and mistrust within the RCMP. Now, through his exclusive access to Bruce Northorp, Les Holmes' story uncovers the inner thoughts of one of the RCMP's most respected officers and bares the skeletons in the force's closet.

**This book is currently schedule for release September 8, 2000.**

For further information on the book, and some insights as to why it was written, click on the link which will take you directly to the "Where Shadows Linger" page on the Heritage House Publishing Company's website.

Nick nominated for a Gemini Award

Nick has been nominated for a Gemini Award* for the Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series:

Nicholas Lea - The Investigation

Other Actors nominated in the category are:
Bayo Akinfemi - Human Cargo
Nicholas Campbell - Human Cargo
Brent Carver - Elizabeth Rex
Nicholas Lea - The Investigation
Vincent Walsh - Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion

The 19th Gemini Awards will take place on December 13th, 2004.