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Jake and the Kid: Fiction

"Mac Smith" pitching for the Crocus Locusts

Main Cast:
Ben Campbell:Ben Osborne
Patricia Harras:Julia Osborne
Shaun Johnston:Jake Trumper
Nicholas Lea:Tony Edwards
(aka Mac Smith)
Robert Clothier:Daddy Johnson
Fred Keating:Repeat Golightly
Written by: 
Directed by: 



Tony Edwards
(a.k.a. Mac Smith)
Jake and the Kid: Grand Plans

(episode # 1.3 - December 30, 1995)



by Ursula

Tony's a genuinely sweet character who accidentally seriously injures someone in a bar brawl. On his episode of Jake and the Kid, he had escaped with two other men, and strays onto the farm where Jake (a hired hand), Ben (the kid), and his mother, Julia, live. Ben's father died in World War two but was an amateur baseball player of some note. Tony gives Ben pitching lessons and they become very attached. Tony and Jake have long philosophical discussions and are on their way to a solid friendship. Julia thinks Tony is very handsome and compares him to her husband who was killed in World War 2. Ben's father was the star of the town's baseball team when it was the best team in the area. Now, it is a losing team, but Jake hopes to change that when he sees Tony practice his pitches in the barn. Tony is coaxed into playing. Then Jake hears a radio broadcast about the prison escape in North Dakota. He goes to Tony's room and finds him in a horrible PTSD type nightmare from his war experiences. He decides to let Tony make his own choice.

Thanks for letting me use this.