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Nicholas Lea as Vincent Canello in Judging Amy   

Vincent Canello in court

Main Cast:
Amy Brenneman:Amy Madison Gray
Tyne Daly:Maxine Gray
Marcus Giamatti:Peter Gray
Richard T. Jones:Bruce Van Exel
Kevin Rahm:Kyle McCarty
Jessica Tuck:Gillian Gray
Karle Warren:Lauren Cassidy
Jillian Armenante:Donna Kozlowski
Guest Cast
Nicholas Lea:Vincent Canello
Cheech Marin:Ignacio Messina
Timothy Omundson:Sean Potter
Elisa Donovan:Shelby Crawford
John Francis Daley:Jace Crosby
Rachel Grate:Beth Dempsey
Jennifer Parsons:Linda Dempsey
Crawford Wilson:Victor McLaren
Harry Johnson:David Poole
Ivor Pyres:Quentin Moore
Kane Ritchotte:James Canello
Written by:Barry O'Brien
Directed by:Helen Shaver



Vincent Canello
Judging Amy:
Roadhouse Blues

(ep. #5.14) February 10, 2004



Despite their protests, Maxine and Amy fail to convince anyone that that dinners out with Ignacio and David don't constitute dating; Amy is asked to decide if a man in the Witness Protection Program can regain custody of his eleven year old son after the boy's mother dies;Lauren and Victor are unhappy when they discover that their parents are dating; Maxine races against time to prevent the participants in a suicide pact at a local high school from carrying out their plans; Shelby's band gets a gig at a local bar, and Peter's invitation to his mother and sister to hear him play provides the opportunity for the relationships between Amy and David, Maxine and Ignacio, and Peter and Shelby to grow and intensify on the dance floor and stage.

Nick takes the part of Vincent Canello, a small-time crook in the witness protection program because he ratted on the mob. When his wife dies, he emerges from hiding to try to get custody of his son, James.


I can only describe Nick's performance as absolutely brilliant - it's heart-wrenching in its intensity.