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Madison: Fiction
Sam talks to his brother Jack(lying on the bed)   

Sam talks to his older brother Jack

Main Cast:
Jackson Cole:David
Matt Hill (I):Billy
Josh Holmes:Sam
Leslie Hopps:Laura
Winnie Hung:Marsha
Shane D. Kelly:Rick
Nicholas Lea:Jack
Robyn Ross:Jane
Danielle Saklofsky:Allison
Bobby Stewart:Mel Jefferson
Sarah Strange:Carol
Michelle Thrush:Charlene
Lisa Vultaggio:Jenna
Chad Willett:Tom
Written by: 
Directed by:James Taylor



Not Just Anybody

(a.k.a. Working It Out at Madison)
Episode #1.07 (1991)



Allison is in grade eleven, and thrilled that she has gotten a date with Sam, a graduating student who is popular and extremely well-liked. But after a misunderstanding at a party, Allison is questioning her own actions, and Sam receives some hard lessons (and some good advice) from his older brother Jack.