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Thank You Nick - Charity Fundraising Campaign
Final Update

Best Friends Fundraiser link to Thank you Nick site

This Year's Donation in Nick's Name for the Best Friend's Animal Sanctuary

Eileen wrote about the Final Results of the Thank You Nick Campagn :

What can I say about a fantastic group of fans who, on very short notice, raised $3430.23 for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary? Can you believe our final total? As a fan community, you worked diligently to make a difference for our furry companions.

I know if they had voices, they would be singing your praises. And I'm sure Nick will be thrilled when he hears about what you've accomplished -- whether it was sending money or doing something for your local charities. It's been a pleasure to work on this campaign and what a way to honor Nick. Just a reminder that we're still accepting messages for Nick at the Web site art is always welcome. I'm still drooling over many of the images that have already been submitted. While The X-Files has had it's finale and was the primary catalyst for bringing us all together, we've formed some lasting friendships through these lists that will outlive the series. And, we will continue to support Nick as he entertain us with new projects.

Thanks again to everyone who participated.