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Lloyd Hillard   

Lloyd standing in the Courtroom

John Oliver:Cpl. Eric Olssen
Tina Keeper:Const. Michelle Kenidi
Tracey Cook:Sarah Birkett
Tom Jackson:Peter Kenidi
Robert Hollinger:Jim Wright [Capt.]
Shane Kelly:Steve Marshak [Sgt.]
Nicholas Lea:Lloyd Hillard [Lt]
Dakota House:Teevee Tenia
Shaneen Ann Fox:Marie Tenia
Raven Hart:Donna Kizha
Selina Hanuse:Hannah Kenidi
Wilma Pelly:Elsie Tsa Che
Timothy Webber:Harris Miller
Tina Louise Bomberry:Rosie Deela
Lubomir Mykytiuk:Gerry Kisilenko
Willene Tootoosis:Lois Tenia
Mervin Good Eagle:Joey
Rick Belcourt:Willy
Tom McBeath:Elliot Waverly
Dave Brindle:McCormick
Marianne Jones:Ruth
Sheila Moore:Judge Henke
William Davis:Insp. Neilsen
Ashley Micheals:Court Clerk 2
Written by:David Barlow
Directed by:Randy Bradshaw



Lloyd Hillard
North of 60:
Out of the Blue

Season 1: episode 6



Three U.S. Air Force men stricken with food poisoning make an emergency stop in Lynx River. While the captain recuperates at the clinic, the others take a room at the motel--where Eric finds them with Marie Tenia (Shaneen Ann Fox) and Donna Kizha (Raven Hart). Teevee (Dakota House), who provided the visitors with liquor, feels responsible for the mistreatment of his sister.
As anger builds among the townspeople, Eric and Michelle are afraid that the Crown may plea bargain the incident instead of going to trial.