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Once a Thief: Fiction
Mac, Li Ann and Victor   

Mac, Li Ann and Victor

Main Cast:
Nicholas Lea:Victor Mansfield
Sandrine Holt:Li Ann Tsei
Ivan Sergei:Mac Ramsey
Jennifer Dale:The Director


Victor Mansfield
Once a Thief

TV Movie - 1996
TV Series - 1997




An ex-cop, Victor Mansfield (Nicholas Lea) and two former members of a Hong Kong crime family, Li Ann Tsei (Sandrine Holt) and Mac Ramsey (Ivan Sergei), are persuaded to work for a 'shady government agency'. The pilot episode was filmed in Vancouver and directed by John Woo. The rest of the series was filmed in Toronto.

Pilot Episode

TV Movie 29-Nov-96: Once A Thief (aka Violent Tradition)

Season 1

AirdateEpisode Title
011-0215-Sep-97The Big Bang Theory
021-0722-Sep-97Rave On
031-0429-Sep-97Trial Marriage
041-0506-Oct-97Art of Death
051-0613-Oct-97Mac Daddy
061-0320-Oct-97Wang Dang Doodle
071-1027-Oct-97It Happened One Night
081-0810-Nov-97Drive, She Said
091-0917-Nov-97Jaded Love
101-1217-Jan-98Wedding Bell Blues
111-1124-Jan-98That Old Gang of Mine
121-1431-Jan-98Last Temptation of Vic
131-1507-Feb-98Mama's Boys
141-1714-Feb-98Li Ann's Choice
151-1821-Feb-98True Blue
161-1928-Feb-98Kangaroo Court
171-0107-Mar-98Little Sister
181-2014-Mar-98The Director Files
191-1621-Mar-98Shaken Not Stirred
201-1328-Mar-98Politics Of Love
211-2125-Apr-98Family Reunion (part 1 of 2)
221-2202-May-98Endgame (part 2 of 2)
There are also two US TV movies made from joining two episodes together:-
  1. Brother Against Brother - this is Family Reunion + Endgame with an extra scene in the middle to join them, and a different ending from that shown in Endgame.
  2. Family Business - That Old Gang of Mine + Last Temptation of Vic. I haven't seen this so I don't know what the differences are, if any, from the individual episodes