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Once a Thief: Fiction

A publicity shot of Mac, Li Ann and Victor

Victor Mansfield:Nicholas Lea
Li Ann Tsei:Sandrine Holt
Mac Ramsey:Ivan Sergei
The Director:Jennifer Dale
Michael Tang:Michael Wong
Mark Brandon:Carruthers
Nathaniel DeVeaux:Dobrinsky
Robert Ito:Tang Godfather
Russell Jung:Cheng
Benjamin Ratner:Moran
Young Ryu:Li Ann's Dance Partner
Alan Scarfe:Robertson Graves
Phillip Tsui:Fong
Matthew Walker:Interpol Judge
Written by:Glenn Davis &
William Laurin
Directed by:John Woo


Victor Mansfield
Once a Thief

TVM - Pilot Episode
UK video title: Violent Tradition



The story starts in Hong Kong. Mac Ramsey and his lover Li Ann Tsei, are the adopted children of Mr Tang, head of the ruthless Tang family.
Together with Michael, Tang's only son, they obtain information from the offices in a bulidng where a dance contest is taking place.
Later, when Mac and Li Ann try to escape from an impossible suitation withing the Tang family, Mac and Michael as caught in an exploding building and are presumed dead. Li Ann moves on to a new life in Canada working as a secret agent. Here, she meets handsome ex-cop Victor Mansfield and falls in love.
Eighteen months after the explosion, the Director visits Mac in prison and gives him two choices: either come to work for her or be released on to the streets of Hong Kong where he is sure to be killed by the Tangs. Faced with little choice, Mac reluctantly agrees to work for the Agency.

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