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Once a Thief: Fiction
Mac, Li Ann and Victor   

Mac, Li Anne and Victor

Guest Cast:
Howard Dell:Agent Dobrinsky
Rachel Shane:Kathy Chow
Ernie Grunswald:Thermo Rakis
George Santino: 
Alexandre Beaulieu: 
Written by:Glenn Davis &
William Laurin
Directed by:David Wu


Victor Mansfield
Once a Thief

Episode 01: Big Bang Theory
15 September 1997




An ex-cop, Victor Mansfield (Nicholas Lea) and two former members of a Honk Kong crime family, Li Ann Tsei (Sandrine Holt) and Mac Ramsey (Ivan Sergei), are persuaded to work for a 'shady government agency'. The pilot episode was filmed in Vancouver and directed by John Woo. The rest of the series was filmed in Toronto.

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