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Once a Thief: Fiction
Mac, Li Ann and Victor   

Mac, Li Anne and Victor

Guest Cast:
James Allodi:Nathan Muckle
Howard Dell:Agent Dobrinsky
Victoria Pratt:Jackie Janczyk
David Keeley:Freddie York
Sean Tagore:Mustaff Jann
Richard Waugh:Eddie York
Roman Podhora: 
Tony Munch: 
Ross Manson: 
Victor Ertmanis: 
Tom Max: 
Warren Harris: 
Sean Tagore: 
Harry Hill:Harry O'Boyle
Written by:Paul Quarrington
Directed by:Peter D. Marshall


Victor Mansfield
Once a Thief

Episode 14: Li Ann's Choice
14 February 1998




A synopsis will appear here soon

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