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Shot in the Face: Fiction

The Robber

Main Cast:
Nicholas Lea:The Robber
Bruce Ramsay:Jerry
John Cassini:Psycho Don
Frank Cassini:Psycho Ken
Benjamin Ratner: 
Katharine Isabelle:Erin
Written by:Jaymie Hansen
Directed by:David C. Hansen


The Robber
Shot in the Face

filmed 2001 - released 2002



Shot in the Face is an unusual romantic comedy about two seemingly opposite people on a quest for contentment.

Jerry is a "thinker" not a "doer," who spends his days planning for what he hopes will be a drama-filled tomorrow that will finally break him out of the boring routine that is his life. Erin on the other hand is a "doer" not a "thinker," who has difficulty controlling her impulses and does exactly what comes to mind at the precise moment she thinks of it, regardless of the consequences.

The two meet and go through a hilarious, chaotic night of weirdness that includes a couple of paranoid insurance scammers and a psychotic robber.

Will Jerry and Erin overcome their differences and find romance? Will anyone get shot in the face? Don't miss this quirky new comedy from WestWind Pictures.

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Poster for the movie
Shot in the Face - poster