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Mac Stringer enters the interrogation room,
where his ex-girlfriend, Terry, is being questioned

Main Cast:
Cynthia Dale:Terry Lane
Sandra Nelson:Catherine McVicar
Nicholas Lea:Mack Stringer
Alex Carter:Domenic DiFranco
Mark Wilson:Rand
Carolyn Dunn:Didi Dankowitz
Silvio Oliverio:Fast Eddie
Lawrence Bayne:Gunther
Nancy Cser:Genova Seymore
Sky Gilbert:Bridget
Written by:R. Scott Gemmill
Directed by:Jerry Ciccoritti
Production Company:Alliance Communications


Mac Stringer
Taking the Falls:
Easy Money

(episode #1.04) October 7, 1995



Catherine's old schoolfriend, Didi, is accused of murder and she seeks asylum with Catherine. Terry tries to help but gets a surprise when the case is taken over by her old love interest Mac Stringer, an RCMP officer.