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Roy standing in the Kitchen of Laurie's apartment

Main Cast:
Lindsay Wagner:Barbara
Perry King:Larry
Tracy Griffith:Laurie
Sheila Moore:Brenda
Chris Owens:Jeff Colvin
Melanie Shatner: 
Ken Tremblett: 
Nicholas Lea:Roy
Robin Douglas:Mrs. Braddock
Jerry Wasserman:Gordon
Merrilyn Gann:Lillian
Kirsten Williamson:Susan
D.J. Truber:Phillip
Veena Sood:Talk Show Host
Shea Hampton:Talk Show Woman
Directed by:Mel Damski
Written by:Michael Zagor and
Stephen Harrigan


Their Second Chance




Twenty eight years ago, Barbara (Lindsay Wagner) and Larry (Perry King), were college lovers and Laurie (Tracy Griffith) was conceived. They were unmarried, young and afraid and decided to put her up for adoption. She now returns to their lives and through persistence, re-unites them.