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Threshold: Fiction


Credited Cast:
Nicholas Lea : Jerome "Geronimo"
Jamie Luner : Savannah Bailey
Steve Bacic : Frank Hansen
David Lipper : Matt Bailey
Teryl Rothery : Shelley Hansen
Karl Pruner : Quidd
Anthony Sherwood : Thaddeus Owens
Brandi Marie Ward : Sheila
Steven J Cannell : Pacheco Laval
Colin Glazer : Clay Collins
Joseph Marrese : Kerry Hansen
Evan Caravela : Terry Hansen
James Kee : Stewart Rayburn
Michael Rhoades : Geoffrey Kalandar
Gloria Slade : Capt. Carolyn Delong
Lisa Marcos : Peg
Joanne Boland : Julie
Patrick Garrow : Henry Pynchon
Paulino Nunes : Officer Torrecelli
Darren Hynes : Jelani Carter
Philip Williams : Winston Lehman
Joe Matheson : Capt. Malloran
Frank Chiesurin : Bobby
Chantal Quesnelle : Nancy Hanover
Michael Kremko : Jarrett Garson
Clare Dennis : Blood Bank Lady
Leviathan Grant : Quidd's Military
Paul Mota :
Written by : Kim LeMasters
Directed by : Chuck Bowman
Produced by : Derek Rappaport (producer)
Paul M. Leonard (associate producer)


Jerome "Geronimo" Horne

April 23, 2003



Astronauts in a space station weather a meteor shower except for one man who becomes embedded with some of the rocks. Or at least the crew thought these were rocks.... Nicholas Lea (The X-Files), Teryl Rothery (Stargate SG-1), Jamie Luner (Profiler) and Steve Bacic (Andromeda) star.
Source: The Sci-Fi Channel web page

From Sci-Fi Wire

Rothery Reaches Threshold

Teryl Rothery (Dr. Frasier on Stargate SG-1) told SCI FI Wire that she recently completed production in Toronto on a new movie for the SCI FI Channel called Threshold. "Jamie Luner [Profiler] is in it," Rothery said in an interview. "Nick Lea, Krycek from The X-Files, is in it. And myself."

Rothery added, "Basically, it's about astronauts working one of the space stations when a meteor shower hits. This one astronaut gets imbedded with some of the rocks, or so they think it is. And it ends up being this alien insect that incubates in a human and [then] takes over the human, and they feed on other people."

Rothery describes her Threshold character as a "very funny, sort of brassy, trashy woman" from Texas. "Her name is Shelley Hansen," the actress said. "She's got a thick accent and all, and her husband [Steve Bacic of Andromeda] ends up being taken over by one of these insects. ... I get a little bloodied up. So it was fun. [Veteran television producer] Stephen Cannell has a little cameo in it. Chuck Bowman [The Pretender] directed it, and Chuck is [Reign of Fire director] Rob Bowman's dad. So it was great. Rob came and visited for a bit. I'd worked with Chuck on a few other things, quite a few other things, and he's a lovely director. We had a great crew and cast and just had a whole lot of fun." The SCI FI Channel will air Threshold sometime in 2003