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X-Files - Alex Krycek: Fiction
Alex Krycek   

A very nice publicity shot which was printed in
the Offcial X-Files Magazine.



Alex Krycek
The X-Files: Seasons 2 to 9

1994 - 2002

Nick Lea is one of an elite group of actors who have appeared in at least one episode in every season of The X-Files. His first appearance was as Michael, the Night Club patron who survives having sex with an alien and is interviewed in hospital by Mulder and Scully. (See the season one episode Genderbender).
Rob Bowman, who directed Genderbender, liked Nick's work and when the new Agent, Krycek, was being introduced in the second season while Gilian Anderson was away having her daughter, he asked that Nick be considered for the role.
Season 2 - 1994-1995
2x04 Sleepless
    Krycek: In his first scene in the episode he introduces himself to Mulder with outstretched hand; Krycek, Alex Krycek.
2x05 Duane Barry - Part 1 of 2
    Barry, an escaped mental patient and ex-FBI agent, takes hostages in a travel agency in Richmond Virginia. Mulder is called in as Barry believes he has been abducted by aliens.
2x06 Ascension - Part 2 of 2
    Continuing the storyline started in Duane Barry. Scully has been abducted, Mulder and Krycek chase Duane Barry to Skyland Mountain.
2x25 Anasazi
    The second season Finale. Someone has been interferring with the water supply in Mulder's apartment building. His father wants to unburden his soul.
Season 3 - 1995-1996
3x01 The Blessing Way
    After the events in "Anasazi", Mulder is found half-dead in the desert. He is found by Albert Hosteen and a Blessing Way ceremony is held.
3x02 Paper Clip
3x15 Piper Maru
    A French submarine comes into port with all but one of its crew dying of radiation poisoning. The trail of information leads Mulder from San Francisco to Hong Kong, where he comes face to face with his ex-partner, Alex Krycek.
3x16 Apocrypha
    Mulder escorts Krycek to the US. On the drive from the airport they are run off the road, and Krycek escapes.
Season 4 - 1996-1997
4x09 Tunguska
    Mulder is sent some recipts for bomb making equipment, information on a militia group and a location. He organizes a raid and discovers that his informant is Alex Krycek. Krycek provides them with further information which takes them to Dulles Airport where they intercept a courier who escapes but leaves an orange pouch behind. Leaving Krycek handcuffed inside his car, Mulder seeks information from Marita, who find out that the pouch originated in Russia.
Mulder discovers that Krycek can speak Russian so he drags him off to Russia with him. The travel to the spot where a meteor hit the ground in 1908 - Tunguska. They discover a gulag and, while they are watching the are discovered and taken prisoner.
After Alex is removed from their cell, Mulder is injected with a substance and is is experimented on.
4x10 Terma
    When Mulder awakes, the prisioner from the next cell gives him a sharpened knife. A short itme later all the prisoners are herded outside. Mulder sees Krycek laughing and talking to the camp commander; he loses his temper and rushes Krycek, knocks him out in the back of a truck, then steals it and drives off with the unconscious Krycek still in the back, pursued by guards on horseback. The brakes fail, and Krycek rolls off the back just before Mulder crashes into some saplings and rolls the truck down a hillside.
Mulder evades recapture and finds a family to help him get back to the US. Kyrcek is discovered by a group of one-armed men who, at first, appear to be harmless. However, that night, once he has fallen asleep they hold him down and cut off his left arm.
Season 5 - 1997-1998
5x13 Patient X
    Groups of people are being burnt to cinders... the official line is that they are cultists who have committed mass suicide, but the truth is that they are being set on fire by aliens.
5x14 The Red and the Black
5x20 The End
Season 6 - 1998-1999
6x10 SR 819
6x11 Two Fathers
6x12 One Son
6x22 Biogenesis
Season 7 - 1999-2000
7x02 Amor Fati
7x22 Requiem
Season 8 - 2000-2001
8x15 Dead Alive
8x20 Essence
8x21 Existence
Season 9 - 2001-2002
The Truth
Parts 1 & 2