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Front Cover: Dedication   Artwork by Aqualegia
Alex Krycek   Artwork by Tarlan
Alone With You K/S Story by Donna McIntosh
Alex Krycek/Walter Skinner   Artwork by Courtney Gray
Bodyguard K/M Story by Tarlan
Dear Santa, Love Ratty   Cartoon by kaNd
Brighton Beach Holiday K/S M Story by Amazon X
Eliot Ness (Supernatural-s07e12)   Artwork by Tarlan
Leftovers K/M Story by Flutesong
Fox and Alex Forever   Artwork by Courtney Gray
Miss January K/M Story by Aqualegia
Alex and Fox at Stonehenge   Artwork by Tarlan
Stray Noel K/M Story by Rhymephile
Joe Evans ("V")   Artwork by Tarlan
To Christmases Yet To Come K/M Story by kaNd
Tom Foss (Kyle XY)   Artwork by Tarlan
Tradition K/M Story by Inlaterdays
Tom McLaren (Vertical Limit)   Artwork by Tarlan
Waking The Dead K/S Story by Ratadder

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