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Beginning A New Way Of Life

by Aqualegia


Sequel to Brand New Day


Alex opened his eyes with a groan when the alarm clock started bleeping. Levering himself up, he swatted the button to shut the alarm off, then padded across the room and went in the bathroom, picking up the electric kettle on his way past the dresser. He used the toilet, washed his hands and filled the kettle before going back to the bedroom, and putting the kettle on to boil.

Mulder took his turn in the bathroom whilst Alex made the coffee. When he came out, and accepted the cup of coffee Alex held out towards him, he took a few sips, then asked, "Why are we getting up so early, the meeting with Zed isn't until 10 o'clock."

Alex put down his coffee cup before saying, "Unlike you, I don't have any luggage.... Therefore, I don't have any spare clothes or underwear. These are things I think I ought to purchase before we go to the meeting. It would look odd if we are sent somewhere else and I had to stop and buy stuff on the way when we were originally supposed to be travelling together."

Mulder scrunched up his face, feeling rather disgusted with himself. "I have to admit that I hadn't thought of that. We can probably get directions to a department store from reception, because you'll also need a suitcase, a change of shoes, some socks and more toiletries than the hotel has supplied. First things first though, we need to get breakfast. Jeans and T-shirts will be good enough for that, we can put our suits on before we check out."

Alex nodded. "I think we ought to check out before we go shopping. We can take the car to the store, and get rid of all the labels and packaging before we leave the parking lot. Then find a dumpster to dispose of the rubbish. We only need to keep the receipts, which we can dispose of elsewhere."

"And they think I'm paranoid!" Mulder muttered.

"Hey! This is a new beginning for both of us. We've got to be able to keep the Men in Black identities separate from those that others know us by." Alex protested.

Mulder grinned, shrugged and nodded. "You have a point. So, let's hurry up and get dressed, get breakfast and be on our way so that we can be on time for the meeting."

The next seventy-five minutes were a whirlwind of action, they'd eaten, showered, changed, found the department store and bought Alex a new wardrobe. Mulder had then fed the receipts to a fire keeping a group of people warm and disposed of the store's bags and tags from the clothes in a convenient dumpster. While he was away, Alex got everything packed inside the suitcase they'd bought, which now resided in the trunk of the car alongside Mulder's.

As soon as Mulder returned to the car, they set off in the direction of the parking lot from which they had picked up Mulder's car after leaving to find a hotel. They were able to park in almost the same place, leaving them with a short walk to 504 Battery Drive.

Once inside the building, the man sitting in the hallway nodded to them as they walked past, and called the elevator, which took them down to the Control Room where they only had a short walk to the meeting room where they were due to meet Zed.

Once inside the room, they helped themselves to coffee, and took some cookies off the large platter to snack on, to replace some of the energy they had expended getting themselves here on time. They made themselves comfortable at the table so that they were facing the door. They didn't have long to wait. They'd both eaten a couple of cookies and drunk about half their cups of coffee when the door opened and they were joined by Zed, who sat down opposite them and put the briefcase he was carrying on the table in front of him. Agent Jay poured out a cup of coffee and gave it to Zed, before helping himself to a cup and sitting down beside his boss.

Zed took a few sips of his coffee, then said, "We've already checked our medical staff for impostors, and they have all been cleared. They are now in Hazmat suits checking the staff as they arrive for work. We have already found, and eliminated, one interloper. Also in the medical suite we have now got vetted guards in every room, armed with stilettos should we discover any of those aliens who exude toxic gas. Agent K and I went through the vetting process this morning so they could have someone they could practice on." He drank some more of his coffee. "We're not going to send anyone out on assignment until they've gone through the vetting process, so some operations have been postponed until we know either way. However, there is one which has just come to our attention and cannot be put off. An Arkillian spaceship has been observed closing in on Earth, it has passed the point at which it is supposed to contact us and wait for permission to land at our spaceport. From it's trajectory it will be landing near the New York/New Jersey border fairly soon. I want you three to track it down, Agent Jay will be in charge." He opened the briefcase, and withdrew two oblong boxes, passing one with 'L' on it to Krycek, and the other to Mulder which had 'M' inscribed on it. "Your call signs will be Luke and Mark respectively. Read the instructions for the contents of the boxes before you leave here - memorize them well, because you need to leave the boxes and the instructions behind. I'm sorry I can't give you more time to get acquainted with the technology, but we're running out of time."

Alex grinned, "Well, you're in luck. Both Mul - er - Mark and I have photographic memories. So it shouldn't take us long to be ready for action."

Zed gave a feral smile. "Right. Call Agent O when you're ready to leave. She'll take care of the things you're leaving behind." He closed the briefcase and got to his feet. "I look forward to getting your reports," he said over his shoulder as he left the room.

The two new MiB Agents quickly read through the documents they had been given, then secreted the tools from the boxes around their persons.

Agent Jay called Agent O, then gave them a quick once over. A couple of minutes later a tall lady with short, blonde hair came into the room. She collected the boxes and the paperwork, checked that nothing was missing, then left as silently as she had arrived.

"Follow me, guys," Agent Jay told them. "Your car has already been put in secure storage, and your cases moved to the official car we'll be using, that way there isn't a paper trail to you should we be spotted."

Mulder and Krycek both nodded, and said, "Good thinking," in unison, then grinned at each other as they turned to follow Agent Jay to the Garage.


Jay drove them north westwards out of the City, over the New Jersey border towards the area where the alien spaceship was expected to land. They noted how Jay handled the car, and the tracking devices that were keeping them going in the right direction. This gear was so much more sophisticated than anything either of them had seen before.

As the distance between them and the spaceship narrowed, Jay said, "Unless they drastically change direction at the last minute, it looks as if it's gonna come down in northwest New Jersey, in the area of the Wawayanda State Park. At a guess, it will probably head for a large open space, surrounded by trees, yet fairly near a road."

"It's slowing, and we're gaining fast," Alex murmured, "It looks as if it will land somewhere on our left."

"I'm on it," Jay replied, closing the gap on their quarry. It was going very slowly now, obviously searching for a place to land. Eventually it disappeared behind a screen of trees, and Jay followed it, as fast as he dared, along a dirt track until they were in sight of the craft. He stopped the car, and the three men got out. Opening the trunk, he handed huge weapons, to the two new Agents, then taking one himself, he led them towards the alien ship.

As they drew closer, an opening appeared at the rear of the craft, and some strangely shaped figures were revealed at the top of the lowering ramp. Jay held up a hand to bring them to a halt. Then, shouldering his weapon he pulled a device from his pocket and switched it on. An automated message started playing, quietly for them on their headsets in English, and very loudly broadcasting in an alien language, the rules against landing without permission, and the penalties for doing so outside the spaceport, towards the aliens.

Both Mulder and Krycek had their weapons pointed directly at the creatures at the top of the ramp.

"I don't think they're going to surrender," Alex said, as two more aliens holding what looked like large weapons, joined the group.

"Prepare to duck and fire," Jay ordered, as more of the aliens armed themselves. "If they do open fire, shoot to kill, these guys are not on our friends' list according to the readings on the translator."

"We're ready," Mulder told him then said, "I think that guy on the left is getting ready to fire."

No sooner had he stopped talking than a bolt of orange light streaked in their direction. All three Agents crouched and returned fire, Jay and Mulder concentrating on the alien creatures, whilst Alex fired what looked like rockets at the engines and the landing gear. Under the assault from the Earth weapons, the aliens retreated slightly and tried to close the ramp without success, as the damage already done to the superstructure of the ship was too great, energy flares started to arc between pieces of equipment in the open bay.

The three Earthmen, quickly moved backward to a dry ditch and hunkered down - only just in time as the ship soundlessly disintegrated in a fountain of energy that looked like a huge lightening strike. Then everything went dark.

Peeking over the edge of the ditch, Mulder said, "There doesn't seem to be anything left." He climbed out of the ditch, and took the scanner out of his jacket's inside pocket. He pointed it at the place where the spaceship had been. "There's some debris; both organic and inorganic, nothing larger than a few millimeters across though."

Jay nodded, then feeling round his pockets, he said, "Check to make sure you've still got all your gear, then we'll return to the car and report back to Zed. Agent Luke, I want you to drive the first half of the way back, then we'll let Agent Mark drive the rest of the way. It will give you both some practice in driving one of these vehicles."

Krycek and Mulder did as they were bid, and reported that they hadn't lost anything in the scramble to get out of the way of the explosion. Jay then led them back to the car. They put the guns away in their hiding place first, then got in the car. Alex backed the car to where he could turn around, then followed the instructions on the screen to start the journey back to the MiB headquarters.

Once they were back on a metalled road, Jay contacted Zed and reported the destruction of the spaceship and its crew. Zed congratulated them on their good work, then informed them that the clean-up crew would be dispatched to the site before morning.

The drive back into the city was uneventful, and Agent O was waiting for them in the garage when they arrived. She escorted the three men to an unused office, where they wrote their reports. When they were done, she led the new Agents back to the secure garage where they collected their luggage from Jay's car and took it to where their own car was waiting. She gave them the keys to a temporary apartment, and told them to get some sleep, and that unless Zed contacted them beforehand, they should not return here before noon.

Thanking her for her help, Krycek got in the driving seat, and let Mulder navigate them to the apartment block. Wearily, they left the car in yet another underground garage, and used the elevator to reach the sixth floor. Once inside the apartment they left a trail of clothes from the living room to one of the bedrooms. Bumping into the footboard, they paused for a moment to share a kiss.

"I'm gonna fuck you through the mattress in the morning," Alex muttered.

"I'm looking forward to... yawn... it."

Using the footboard as a guide, they pushed away from one another, and just about managed to climb on the bed, pulling the quilt over themselves as they lay down. They were asleep as their heads touched the pillows.




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