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Please Note: You will need to have JAVA enabled to play these games.
Concentration | Jumble | Seek-A-Word | Slider Puzzle | Word Magnet



Match the pairs of photos to reveal the picture beneath.
X-Files: Sleepless



Unscramble the letters to discover the phrase
Krycek Episodes - Mytharc pairs



Find the listed words in the grid of letters - search forwards and backwards: horizontally, vertically AND diagonally.
Krycek Episode Titles


Slider Puzzle 

Scramble the picture and then slide the squares around until you have recreated the picture once more.
Nick Lea 01


Word Magnets 

Move around the words to create your own story, or have a go at creating the episode titles from the words listed.
01: Nick's Film and TV Titles - 1989 to 1994
02: Nick's Film and TV Titles - 1995 & 1996
03: Nick's Film and TV Titles - 1997 to 2001

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