X-File slash round robin mail list information

X-Files Slash Round Robin Mail List -- This mail list is for writing collaborative homoerotic stories and round robins. NO ONE *UNDER* THE AGE OF 18 YEARS IS PERMITTED!

To subscribe to this list, go to the group.yahoo.com web site, at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/roundXFslash

Round Robin Rules:
This mail list is for writing collaborative X-Files slash stories and round robins. Anyone is free to start a round robin or to suggest a story idea to the group. Writers can participate in as many round robins as they like or they can sit out if the pairing or story idea do not appeal to them. As few as two writers can participate in a round robin or collaborative story.

1) Once a story idea is put forth to the group, writers can volunteer to participate in the round robin.
2) A lead writer will be selected from the group, preferably the person whose story idea it is. That person will keep the master .doc file of the story.
3) The lead writer will post the order of the writers for the story.
4) When a writer is finished with their section, they will post the text to mail list and send the .doc file to the lead writer who will copy it into the master .doc file. The writer will also indicate whose turn it is next so there is no confusion.
5) The story will be posed on the roundXFslash web site.
6) Naming and numbering the file for posting: title r#-p#-writer (title round#-part#-writer).
7) When the story is complete the master .doc file will be sent around to all the writers for editing and a once over. When it is returned to the lead writer she/he will see that it is sent to this site and any other archives for posting.

When posting feedback to the list, constructive suggestions are okay, but this list will not tolerate inflammatory comments or destructive criticisms.

Jo B.