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Double Indemnity. Cover by Aqualegia
Double Indemnity

Who's more surprised than FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully to find out that Alex Krycek has a twin brother? Try Alex Krycek himself. After a rocky start, Alex, and his twin Anson Greene, join forces to try and defeat the aliens once and for all.

Writing order:
Jennie (lead writer)





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Definition of Human

Definition of Human


When Alexander Harris is kidnapped by the Consortium and Alex Krycek not left in the Silo to die, they start a chainreaction of events that will change them and those around them... if they are able to deal with it.

Writing order:
(lead writer)



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On Hold

Mulder the Vampire Slayer

"Into each generation a slayer is born."

Fox Mulder moved to Washington, D.C. determined to have a normal life, and pursue his career at the FBI. But Mulder is the Chosen One, Slayer of Vampires, and he soon finds himself dealing with CSM Spender -- the Master of Vampires -- who is gathering his dark forces to destroy the human race. Mulder meets his new Watcher, Walter Skinner, and a mysterious young man named Krycek warns Mulder of the impending evil about to be unleashed.

     Writing order:
     1. Chad (lead writer)
     2. Bertina
     3. Yanthee
     4. Beth
     5. Cerulean Blue


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On Hold

The Hidden

While investigating an supernatural murder, Mulder enlists the help of the X-Men and is drawn into a high profile murder trial, where the rights of Mutants hang in balance.

Writing order:
1. Amothea (Lead Writer)
. Yanthee


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