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Double Indemnity. Cover by Aqualegia


Definition of Human

(This story is posted unedited. It will be edited at the time of completion and posted under the completed Round Robins list.)

Warning!!! This story contains NC-17 content and should not be read by anyone under 18 years of age.

Compiled Story

Definition of Human 1 (51k)
Definition of Human 2 (8k)

Writer's parts

Defintion of Human (7k) - r1 p1 - Simone -- (09/20)
Defintion of Human (20k) - r1 p2 - Deana -- (09/28)
Defintion of Human (18k) - r1 p3 - Tara-- (04/16)
Defintion of Human (8k) - r1 p4 - Chad -- (04/16)

Defintion of Human (8k) - r2 p1 - Tara -- (04/16) - New!

Deana's next

When Alexander Harris is kidnapped by the Consortium and Alex Krycek not left in the Silo to die, they start a chainreaction of events that will change them and those around them... if they are able to deal with it.

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